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For The Game to keep inside the budget for the release of his new album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, NBA YoungBoy's feature price was too expensive.


Wack 100, Game's manager, explained that despite YoungBoy giving them a 50% discount, he had to take an executive decision and delete Game and YoungBoy's "OPP" duet from the album.

“In YoungBoy’s defense, YoungBoy charge n-ggas $300,000 a verse,” Wack said. “That’s what he charge, that’s what it is. I can’t front he gave us a hell of a deal, but that situation would’ve cut into marketing overall.”

“So I had to make an executive decision on whether I wanted to pay the tab he sent me, which was a respectable, great tab, it was love, I can’t front. But that tab would’ve cut into that, that and that.”

He gave me a bargain for half of that, he continued. He has already sent me a $150 bill, which I thought was sweet; his nephew. His rate is300, but as you may already be aware, with YoungBoy, he had planned to do that for the video and everything. He is therefore one of the most popular YouTube streamers when you go to video.

"You're going to get your money back in the end, plus your artist is now reaching out to fans he might not have otherwise." So nothing against YoungBoy, he and his brother reduced his rate by half for us, and they didn't insult or assault us.

A collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle titled "World Tours" was also scheduled to be on the album, however it was not available on Spotify or Apple Music when it was first released and has since been taken off the tracklist.

The Game recently revealed one collaboration out of all the features he's landed throughout the course of his illustrious career that he still regrets missing out on. The Compton native expressed his desire to have done something with the late Amy Winehouse in a conversation with Billboard.

  tough as fuck. man, her voice. My voice and hers would be on some other stuff with some jazz music, he continued. We must likely clip some Amy or another song and overlay it over some trombones.




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